Michael Dickey
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MICHELLE DICKEY lit a candle on 04/30/2013: "Wishing my best friend was still here. This has been a very rough year for me and I'm missing your presence."
Shalonda Hudson lit a candle on 10/23/2012: "May God Bless you.....RIP"
Michael Moody lit a candle on 09/24/2012: "I miss my brother but I know he looking down his family and me. Not knowing that night in Sumter would be the last time"
Diandra Polk lit a candle on 11/14/2011: "Hey....I'm married now....thinking about you today....always are you in my thoughts, but it's always around this time"
Kimberly Ramsey-Downing lit a candle on 05/29/2011: "Me and Micheal went to High School together, we were friends and he was a special person. I will pray for you."
Tanisha Prince lit a candle on 11/18/2010: "times has passed since you first left. i remember when we use to sing at church and ride the bus together!"
B. D. lit a candle on 09/03/2010: "we dont need war! RIP"
Dee Frierson lit a candle on 06/29/2010: "Just thinking of you...miss u sooo much...It's time's like this I really wish you were here..."
Ruby Helton lit a candle on 05/30/2010: "Remembering you today while also praying for your family's strength."
Nikki Frierson lit a candle on 02/04/2010: "miss u.....I laugh thinking about some of our experiences..wishing I could hear you laugh as you remember them too."
Dee Frierson lit a candle on 10/16/2009: "Just talked about you...telling about how special you were to me....to us all....Your smile I think of...miss u"
Mi Mi lit a candle on 09/06/2009: "Enrick asked were you in the moon on today..:)"
Mi Mi Dickey lit a candle on 09/04/2009: "Enrick has your smile!!He lights up the room with your spirit.. We miss u so so much... Love forever and always MI MI"
Dee lit a candle on 08/30/2009: "Always thinking of you...never will forget you....ALWAYS will I love you...."
Michael Dickey lit a candle on 07/11/2009: "im prayers go out to your family..and my name is michael dickey too"
Tina Parker lit a candle on 06/07/2009: "Crestwood Class of 1999. We are planning our class reunion for labor day weekend. U R remembered"
Azilee Dickey lit a candle on 02/01/2009: "Missing you my son. Love you so much. Tell God hello. You're there. Love Ma"
Susan Coats lit a candle on 11/19/2008: "Remembering you today as everyday our Hero. May you have the peace in Heaven that you could not have on earth."
Randy&Ellen(parents) Angel Josh lit a candle on 11/18/2008: "Remembering you on this day. Wishing peace and blessings for your family."
Jacinta Rogers lit a candle on 08/22/2008: "Mike I will always remember your bright smile and your sense of humor. You will never be forgotten."
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